Find the Right Key

you understand, i am starting to sense a little more of this tug-of-battle, if you may, happening between my body and spirit in recent times. it is always been there to some diploma, though perhaps due to the fact i've end up a piece extra measured, for lack of a better term... it seems extra mentioned... who knows?

I remember as a toddler my spirit hovering like an eagle as my body did the whole thing in its strength just to hold up. i was fearless, my energy degree was off the charts, and my barriers, as a ways as i used to be concerned, had been nonexistent.

sure, life changed into a tune, i was the composer, and the hook had no result in sight. No policies, no conserving back... and believe me, there has been absolute confidence in my mind that i was gonna sing it all the time!

That my pal is the manner it's far whilst the spirit's in fee... footloose and fancy frickin' loose.

however as time progressed, I started out to experience the gravity of existence slowly collecting inside, attempting its nice to weigh me down. sure, the vessel... i.e. my body, which homes this loose flowing spirit of mine, become slowly awakening to the fact that not like its occupant, it had an entire one-of-a-kind set of circumstances to address. In a phrase... fact!

you realize, this truth element has a bent of placing the reins on footloose and fancy frickin' loose. that is, if you permit it.

As I sit right here at my computer with my mind wandering, seeking to make feel of this polarity between body and spirit, i will almost listen God's self-speak as he is respiratory existence into the spirit of mankind for the first time.

"let's have a look at... I need to hold this easy, however not smooth. I need you unfastened but grounded. You should fear, to persevere... are seeking for, to find... cry, to heal. however there is no manner you'll find the time to gain such know-how continuously strolling amuck on the earth entirely as a free spirit.

So right here's the deal. i am going to house you in a frame to gradual you down just a piece, on the way to provide you with time to determine things out. however i'll depart you a key... a key which will disconnect you for immediate rejuvenation, motivation, and dream chasing... and trust me you are going to want it.

You want masses of time to run wild and be free, so make certain you disconnect often. caution! If for any motive you pick out to hunker down interior too long between outings, you'll run the threat of dropping or worse but, breaking your self. If that happens, nicely... simply don't permit it show up. So some thing you do, do not lose this key."

So what's the key?... music!

truth grounds the frame... tune lifts the spirit.

positive... there is a litany of factors which lifts the spirit... but music is in a class of its personal. It has the electricity, in any given moment, to now not most effective carry the spirit however to absolutely disengage and launch it.

just one melody from a forgotten tune can immediately whisk you away, again on your childhood, or maybe to a unique second when you met a person unique or skilled some thing exquisite for the first time, entire with all the trimmings in vivid element.

A cry from a cello can disconnect you from truth quicker than brief. yes, it could have your spirit peacefully floating away on a cloud of contentment before your body even has a clue you've looked at.

And if a using drum beat, perfectly in sync with an unpredictable but in some way expected rhythm, exploding within a whirlwind of electrical harmonies can not awaken that dormant "footloose and fancy frickin' unfastened" of yours... not anything can.

here's the aspect... we all are made up of each body and spirit. The degree to which we keep them both completely engaged and properly balanced determines the exceptional of our fact.

it is whilst the spirit is the highest that our emotions are the deepest and desires appear maximum shiny.

As I stated earlier... as a toddler, my spirit soared because my body wasn't yet privy to the reality it become imagined to embody. So attaining dreams didn't simplest appear feasible, they have been clearly expected.

notice to self for when life is weighing you down:

do not ever, no matter how antique you get, assume you're too state-of-the-art to permit pass and be a touch childlike, for there's in which your spirit lives and prospers. you see, those goals and dreams do not exchange... you do.

it is in no way too overdue. the entirety that motivates, inspires, turns you on and receives you fired up is all the time smoldering to your spirit just waiting to be rekindled. All it takes is a single spark of emotion to over again ignite it. flip the key, and turn it up! And do it your way!


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