Migraines - They Suck

in case you've ever had one, then you definitely realize they suck. Throbbing pain, head strain, upset stomach, stabbing soreness... typically debilitating.

I had one yesterday. I had the dubious success to get the blinding peripheral vision auras first and knew what turned into coming. I were given myself some ibuprofen first, started out consuming water, caffeine, and ingesting chocolate. second, I rushed home from work and grabbed my warm migraine salve.

This turned into my first actual experiment. I did have a chum tell me that it helped her and while her headache wasn't eliminated (because really, no longer even current medication has that figured out) the signs and symptoms have been substantially stepped forward.

i was warm, sweating, and nauseous. I knew I had to settle down. I threw my paintings clothes off, cracked a few windows and laid down with my eyes shut, but no longer too tight as it pulls and makes my cranium want to explode.

The lid slid off and that i rubbed it along my temples, and brow. It changed into easy and didn't pull, so step one of the enjoy turned into complete. I rubbed pretty firmly along my temple and up into my hair after which above my eyebrows. I persisted down along the sides and bridge of my nostril, cautious to avoid my eyes; vital oils will motive a burning sensation.

the comfort was not on the spot, however the aggregate of ibuprofen and salve bumped off the throbbing in my temples and behind my eyes. i was glad that it worked...

I applied it a few greater times considering that I enjoyed the experience of massaging my aching skull and my signs and symptoms have been long gone through the night time.

This morning when I woke, I should feel it striking around, lurking. I gulped down a few greater ibuprofen and packed both warm and cold salves for work.

At work, I felt the ache coming, but i used to be cold sweating a little. My arms, feet, and nose felt cold. Out got here the cold migraine salve. I did the same rubdown techniques and it felt very great. The heady scent of the salve was also very exceptional and relaxing.

If everyone has had a similar enjoy or needs guidance on which salve is first-rate, or simply desires to inform me how lots migraines suck... talk To Me. I want to hear your voice. i am no longer a medical doctor, not claim to have a cure... as an alternative absolutely declaring what has labored for me.


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